Frequently asked questions

  • Why has AVG's Threat Labs ranked my site as RED and flagged it as a potential concern for users who might want to surf onward and visit?

    AVG Threat Labs is powered by millions of AVG users surfing the Internet with AVG LinkScanner® installed. AVG LinkScanner® scans each web page a user visits for potential threats and reports back any detection information on potential threats to AVG Threat Labs. AVG Threat Labs aggregates the last 30-days of detection information in a site report. If your website is one of the domains that AVG Threat Labs has flagged RED, it means that users visiting your website with AVG LinkScanner® installed have encountered some potential threat on one or more of the pages on your site during the last 30-days. It is possible that you may be building your site with component parts that are infected and/or you may be embedding third party web services into your pages' style sheets that are harmful. The best route for you to avoid this is to perform an analysis on your site and remove any potential threats. If you're concerned that a false positive has occurred you may submit your site to

  • What can I do to protect myself and 'clean' my site if it has been identified by AVG Threat Labs as dangerous?

    Don't forget that AVG Threat Labs is AVG Threat Labs allows users to benefit from over a million domain reports and evaluate websites before they surf onwards. Your site may contain links to external sites that harbour malicious content or viral threats. As Threats Labs works by using detection information sent by AVG users surfing your website with LinkScanner® installed to create a single definitive ranking for a particular site based on the last 30-days of historical LinkScanner® data. At any one moment in time, your site may be flagged up as dangerous as a result of content on a third party's site. The safest route to avoid this situation is to be extremely careful about what you link to and to keep your links to recognised and respected sites. Of course this is not always possible, so don't take it personally if your site is ranked as potentially dangerous. AVG believes that telling users the origins of threats and how they relate to popular websites and portals will encourage wider user awareness of global Internet-based security threats. In the long term, we will make the Internet a safer and cleaner place to be.

  • What kind of legal compliance considerations should I be aware of as a website owner, can AVG advise me on this kind of subject?

    Good question, this is an important consideration - however, this is not an area that AVG is qualified to advise you on. We recommend that you search for open standards guidelines on HTML and CSS (such as W3C standards) as well as general compliance guidelines on issues such as intellectual property and accessibility. AVG's job is to provide you with the security tools to lock down your site's data once you have laid the correct compliance foundations, so we urge you to follow best practice on all levels.

  • Do I need special training or additional technical manuals to implement AVG's Internet Security protection layers into my website.

    You are not going to need special training or additional manuals to implement AVG. Our software is intuitive and easy to install and update. We do provide a certain amount on online technical support and you are welcome to send us feedback. But if you've got the technical skills to build even the most basic website, then you've got the skills to install AVG's Internet Security protection.

  • Website construction is not rocket science, why should I worry about security issues when I am using pre-built template and widgets?

    Virus authors and malware-focused hackers are typically very intelligent and use extremely stealthy means to implant their content into data. Software developers with no malicious agenda may use 'code components' that harbour deeply embedded elements of harmful data. These components may then be subsequently used by web application developers to construct the widgets and user interface elements of tools that you ultimately use to build your website. Once activated, a widget may cause a piece of malicious data to surface upwards into the executable memory of the user who is accessing your website. Suddenly you have moved from a shiny looking clean template into live problem within an active memory portion. AVG's Internet Security suite is there to stop that final application code processing being executed.

  • How can I be sure that AVG will keep my website free of phishing scams and spam-server driven content attempting to hide on my site's pages?

    AVG's Internet Security coverage is broad, exhaustive and expansive. Due to reasons detailed in the above question, we are in place to analyze, filter and stop malicious code from executing inside your PC. This includes content that is designed to operate as a spam or a phishing scam or code that attempts to take up residence on your machine or that of a visitor to your website.

  • Will AVG clash with or interfere with any of the web development tools that I use to build, populate and maintain my website?

    No AVG's security layers are penetrating but not invasive. Your natural web development platform and tools will not be affected. Although AVG will scan your core system applications and operating system registry before you start work and if you download any new tools from the web, AVG will be in place to analyze these too as you start to load them into active use.

  • Has AVG's LinkScanner already scanned and rated my own website? If so, how do I know?

    AVG's LinkScanner® is a browser-based technology used to help people stay protected when surfing the Internet. LinkScanner® checks each web page in real time before it opens on your computer and it automatically updates whenever a new threat is discovered. Our site report data comes from real users browsing webpages and reporting back to AVG ThreatLabs when they find potential threats on those pages. LinkScanner® only scans the pages that AVG users visit. Site report ratings are based on what LinkScanner® finds on those pages.

  • Will having AVG Internet security protection improve my Google rankings?

    Not directly no - but having a robust well protected website will ensure that if you post compelling content, your popularity should rise unhindered by any security issues.

  • Now that I am taking responsibility for populating my own corner of the web, does AVG have any advice for me on protection and privacy in general?

    Another good question! Well AVG believes that protection and privacy are basic human rights, especially when so much of our lives depends on the existence a safe online environment. This is why we offer a range of protection choices to fit the different ways that people use their computers while at work or at play online. We hope that you decide to use AVG to protect your web development and design process and the many users that come to your site!