Invisible IFrame Injection AVG detects this highly active Malicious IFrame and its 4 known variants.

What is Invisible IFrame Injection?

Invisible IFrame Injection is a tag used to insert contents of a webpage inside another one. This by itself is not malicious, but attackers use this technique to insert websites infected with malware into legitimate but hacked sites without the knowledge of the administrator. When you load a website infected with a Malicious IFrame it can be ... Read more

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How can I remove Invisible IFrame Injection?

If you received a pop-up warning for Invisible IFrame Injection while you were surfing a website, chances are that the malware was blocked and there's nothing to remove. However, to stay safe from these kind of threats, it is important to:

  • Always keep your Windows operating system up to date
  • Always update all other software in your PC
  • Never download files from unknown sources or click on emails from unknown senders or spam
  • Install an antivirus software that offers complete protection like AVG Internet Security and keep it updated
  • Avoid unsafe or suspicious websites that ask you to click on links, complete a survey or download extra plugins to access the content you are looking for

It is recommended to perform a full device scan after dealing with the detection of a threat, to make sure it was successfully blocked and your device is not at risk.

For more detailed advise on more specific situations, please visit to our Virus Removal FAQ section

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