EICAR_Test AVG detects this highly active EICAR Test File and its 2 known variants.

What is EICAR_Test?

EICAR_Test is a completely harmless file used in the antivirus industry to ensure that antivirus software is working properly. If your AVG antivirus software detects the EICAR test file, then AVG is working. ... Read more

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How can I remove EICAR_Test?

While surfing online
If you received a pop-up warning for EICAR_Test while you were surfing a website, chances are that the malware was blocked and there's nothing to remove.

During your regular activity
When AVG real-time antivirus protection detects a virus in your computer, the AVG Detection window is displayed, with two options:

  • Protect Me: this is the recommended action. It will remove the threat from your device.
  • Ignore the threat: will do nothing to remove the virus, however the file will be blocked so infection won't spread

It is recommended to perform a full device scan after dealing with any threat, to make sure it was successfully deleted.

For more detailed advise on more specific situations, please visit to our Virus Removal FAQ section.

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