Android/Airpush AVG detects this highly active Android Adware and its 11 known variants.

What is Android/Airpush?

Android/Airpush is a software that gets installed on your android device as a bundle with the application you downloaded. It displays unwanted advertisements as notifications and may be considered privacy-invasive. These type of ads are not easily blocked and usually require of either the complete removal of the infected application or another application to block the ads from being pushed. These kinds of threats are called Adware. ... Read more

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How can I remove Android/Airpush?

If you believe your device has been infected with Android/Airpush, it is important to take action as soon as possible to remove it. There are several things you can do:

  • Install an antivirus app for your phone, like AVG AntiVirus Pro, and use it to identify and remove all malware found
  • Completely uninstall the infected android app
  • If none of these virus removal options are succesful, you may wish to restore your android device to its factory settings

To keep your android device safe from Android/Airpush and other android viruses, and prevent any further infections, it is important to:

  • Always read the permissions of every app before installing
  • Avoid installing android apps from third-party websites or unreliable sources
  • Always protect your device with a password
  • Never view or share personal information over a public wi-fi network
  • Choose an antivirus app for your phone, like AVG AntiVirus Pro, and keep it updated
  • Use a backup or security application for the data stored in your android device

If you received a pop-up warning for Android/Airpush while you were surfing a website, chances are that the malware was blocked and there's nothing to remove.

If a file infected with Android/Airpush was found in your PC by your AVG AntiVirus software, choose the "Protect Me" option to allow it to remove the threat from your device, or simply delete the file manually.

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