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AVG ThreatLabs Site Owner Program, for website owners and webmasters, helps monitor the safety of your websites, get virus removal help and offers free tools and resources that let you share safety information on your websites.

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An AVG widget is a small piece of code you can paste into a web page or blog that allows you to show safety information from AVG ThreatLabs on your own blog or website.

AVG Site Safety Badge

This widget helps your users find out about the AVG Threat Labs safety rating of your site. The widget links through to the safety report of your website. For all Site Owners!

AVG Safety Ratings Widget

This widget allows you to embed a search box on your website, so that a visitor can look up the safety of any site on the web from your website. For webmasters interested in providing security tools on their website.

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Report an Incorrect Page or Site Rating

Do you think AVG LinkScanner or AVG ThreatLabs made a mistake with the rating of your website or incorrectly blocks a web page? Let us know by completing a form so we can investigate it for you.