• Speed

    Gets it fast.
    Keeps it fast.

    • Restores your PC to top speed
    • Keeps your PC at peak performance
    • Automatic maintenance when you're not using your PC
  • Stability

    Stops crashing
    and freezing

    • Gives you a smoother running PC
    • Disk Doctor checks files and fixes issues.
    • Registry Cleaner helps stop system crashes and start up issues by repairing your registry
  • Longer Life

    For your battery
    and PC

    • Extends battery life by reducing the power consumption of the processor
    • Frees up valuable disk space
    • New! Flight Mode. Comply with airline safety regulations by switching off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® with a single click.
  • Control

    Automatic or Manual

    • Leaves no trace of your most important files
    • Makes optimization easier
    • Fine tune your computer for even more performance

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