What is Threat Labs & Why did AVG build it?

Threat Labs is AVG’s latest security tool, continuing our commitment to malware and virus detection and eradication. With an Internet security and protection policy built heavily around the concept of 'scan before you leap', AVG Threat Labs offers the same kind of pre-click analysis as our unique LinkScanner® real-time surf and search technology, though at a far more comprehensive level.

AVG Threat Labs is a fast and easy route to website security, offering quick search functionality with its 'Big Search' URL address box, as well as clear and comprehensive website security reports presented in a simple-to-follow graphical format.

Viral threats and malware have become more sophisticated so AVG’s approach to proactive Internet security has shifted gears appropriately. AVG Threat Labs provides a new way for users to benefit from over a million domain reports and evaluate websites before they jeopardize their personal information.

It is no longer sufficient to simply warn users that a website may have been compromised. We now need to explain the data underlying the decision to highlight a particular site's potential dangers. By aggregating AVG LinkScanner’s threat detections of the web, Threat Labs is able to present a week-by-week breakdown of the types of threats lurking on sites which may be harboring fake data encoding, links to exploit sites, or JavaScript obfuscations used by hackers to conceal malicious code.

AVG believes that revealing the origins of threats and how they relate to popular websites and portals will encourage wider user awareness of global Internet-based security threats. AVG also recognizes that today’s web users are increasingly hands-on and practical, with individuals now demanding to know the what, when and where of malicious content dangers as they surface. As these activities naturally extend to user awareness established through social networking and sharing, AVG Threat Labs is well positioned to engage its community of some 130 million users in the fight against malware.

AVG plans to continue leading in the field of threat prevention, building stronger relationships with users, website owners, corporations and industry partners as we adapt to and rise above future online threats and challenges.

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