What does AVG do that others don’t?

AVG is unique, but then you'd expect us to say that wouldn't you? The reason AVG really is exceptional is due to the way the company sits in the increasingly crowded security market. With a business model built around a free layer of core PC and Mac-based protection, no other company boasts as much user credibility as AVG. This is crucial for a security company as we are defined by the trust we engender within our user community.

The AVG AntiVirus and Anti-Spyware scanner is the foundation upon which we build our additional layers of protection. Sitting alongside these foundational elements is our enhanced firewall technology which runs continuously in the background with half the number of user alerts that our competitors’ products need to generate to work effectively.

AVG's focus on Internet protection is extremely broad. While our core protection layers are focused on website-based threats, AVG Online Shield exists to provide the same kind of defence against threats carried by social networking sites, as well as infected application downloads and file exchanges over chat and instant messaging networks.

AVG's LinkScanner® technology also warrants an exceptional mention for its uniqueness factor due to its real-time protection capabilities. LinkScanner® gives the user an instant flag as to whether a live Internet link is safe or not BEFORE the user clicks to navigate to that page. This immediacy is unmatched in the security industry where other tools are only capable of telling the user about the site the LAST time it was scanned.

LinkScanner® allows users to surf, search, email, shop and use social networks such as Twitter and Facebook knowing that the pages they visit and exchange private information with are safe. LinkScanner® updates continuously with data garnered by AVG’s industry-leading research team and user community. Given the dynamic and random nature of web threats today and the fact that 60% of web-based infections stay on the same page for only 24 hours, LinkScanner's real-time capabilities really are something special.

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